10 tips on how to kick-start the new school year

January 25, 2018

Maybe it's your first year of college and you've got crazy amounts of excitement for it, but don't know of anywhere to project it except for parties and classes. Or maybe you're back to school for the second or third or even fourth year, and you just feel like nothing new is coming your way. Either way, here are ten hidden gems on ways to kickstart your new year. After all, new year, new me, right?


1. Borrow or buy some new books.


Without high school English classes, you're probably no longer getting a steady flow of new books thrown at your face to try out (unless you're an English major). And with all the other stuff that could be going on, finding new reads could be the last thing on your mind. But just this small step into exploring can help you find some inspiration or new perspectives and open up your world.2. Explore the new area!


If you're a Freshman, I guess technically, everywhere is a new area. And I shouldn't have to tell you twice when I say, explore! See what's around you. There could be trails, cool buildings, or fun hangout spots on campus. And if you have a way to get away for a little, or you're no longer dorming, some off-campus adventures await!


3. Look for some healthy recipes.


This is mostly for those that have access to a kitchen. Now's your chance to start fresh and try to eat healthy! It's never too late, after all, and nothing feels better than finding a recipe that's good for your health and gives you that great feeling of success when you finally make it right after trying fifty times, trust me. Even if your kitchen-less, you can always check out the dining hall options and try to concoct your very own healthy, filling food from what's being served!


4. Exercise.


Before you scroll past this one, just keep in mind, you don't have to jump into the weights and machines and all that crazy stuff your first week. Even thirty minutes of cardio will get you feeling great! Just like eating healthy, it's never too late to start loving your body and treating it as it should be. And what better time to start a healthy habit than the beginning of the semester?


5. Those Pinterest decoration ideas.


If you've just moved into your apartment or dorm, you've just been given a blank canvas to work with. Use it to your advantage! Try to find some cool DIY decorations that you could make. Not only will your room look amazing with one-of-a-kind decor, you'll have that great satisfaction that you made it yourself!


6. Go to Involvement Fairs.


Even if it isn't your first year, there's no reason for you not to spend one day at an involvement fair to see what's out there. After all, you could've picked up a new hobby over the summer that is shared by a lot of others! It's a great way to meet people, see what's out there, and even pick up some new hobbies that seem interesting to you! It may seem stupid, but there's really no reason you shouldn't go.


7. Start a new project.


Going along with number six, this is the perfect time to start a new project. The key word here, however, is "start." The middle of the semester can be tough as you find yourself buried in school work, and making jewelry or painting mugs may seem absolutely ridiculous when you've got a twenty page paper due the next day. But at least you tried something, and you may have found a passion through it, and hobbies should always be stress-relievers, so give it a try!


8. Start a new show on Netflix.


This is definitely the most unproductive one out of the ten, but it may very well be the best one. Beginning of a semester is the perfect time to start a show...as long as you drag it out throughout the semester. Being engaged in a plot can be a great stress-reliever and study break, or something to do after classes when you're eating take-out. It's even a great thing to start up with your roommate(s)! Just keep in mind that it can get pretty destructive...


9. Explore your food options.


The dining hall most likely isn't your only food option (especially if you're off campus or have a car), so now's your chance to find your new favorite place! Sure, it might not amount to your favorite Chinese food take-out in your hometown or that great pizza place across the street from your parent's house, but now you can find your new favorite, and who knows, maybe it'll be even better. A food adventure can never end badly.


10. See what's going around you--and actually go.


The one good thing about Facebook nowadays it that you can see what events are going on around you. Whether it's a campus glow-in-the-dark Zumba party, or a harvest going on off campus in some nearby town's farm, if you can, click "Going," and actually go. These are supposed to be some of the most exciting years of our lives, and this is supposed to be our chance to explore the world. But you can't do that if you're sitting in your dorm room with your friends all day. You've got to take on the world and see what's around you, meet different people, try new things, and live. But to do that, you actually have to make the effort to attend things.


                                                        Good luck!



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